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Pickle Juice for Cramps: Can It Really Help?

If you’ve ever dealt with muscle cramps, then you would know how awful they can be. Most of us have dealt with a sudden and uncontrolled contraction of muscles sometime in our life. Cramps can occur after an intense workout, in the middle of a night, or even while exercising. They happen because of the overuse of muscles, muscle strain, holding a position for too long, or an underlying medical condition. The general population, specifically those who do not exercise regularly and live a relatively sedentary lifestyle are subject to…

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5 reasons why you should be drinking pickle juice

Now that pickle juice is available in a can, you don’t have to beat around the bush with actual pickles—get right to the good stuff. Everyone seems to love pickle juice, and understandably so. There are many uses out there for pickle juice that go way beyond the jar: You can cook with it, hydrate with it or even scrub pots with it. Some people swear it helps heartburn, or even soothes sunburned skin—we tried that with little to no success, unless you consider walking around smelling like a deli…

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