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We are facing a silent epidemic. ‘Disturbingly high rates of diabetes’ found in India

India is facing an epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure, often called “silent killers” because they lead to heart disease, said a report today involving more than 1.3 million people. The rate of diabetes in India is over 6%, while around one quarter of people have high blood pressure, said the first nationally representative figures on the topic, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine. While these rates are lower than the United States and China, experts say a combination of widespread tobacco use,…

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Nomophobia: How phone separation anxiety is becoming a silent killer

“I can’t live without you”.Ten years ago, people used to say this to their loved ones. But now, the phrase doesn’t apply to their dear ones as much it applies to their phone. The moment they are separated from their devices, anxiety hits them like a hurricane. Recent research suggests that people suffering from nomophobia, feel lonely without their phones. They have an unhealthy attachment to it. Thus, they isolate themselves from real company. We spoke to experts Dr Gorav Gupta, psychiatrist and Samhitha Srishaila, psychologist, who explain the symptoms…

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