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Exposing to Sunlight for Vitamin D? May Cause Eye Freckles, Choose these Foods Instead

According to a study published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, a higher lifetime exposure to sunlight can cause iris freckles. While not malignant, eye freckles could indicate the presence or risk of sunlight-triggered eye diseases like cataract or macular degeneration. Over 600 swimmers at the public pools in Styria, Austria had their eyes examined for freckles and filled out a questionnaire that asked about their lifetime sun exposure and sun-protection habits. Resultantly, researchers found out that the development of eye freckles correlated with increasing age, lifetime number…

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Bask in the sunlight to energise your immune cells

Bask in the sunlight to energise your immune cells Apart from helping for a healthier living by producing vitamin D, getting some sunlight may also energise T cells — immune cells — that play a central role in fighting infections in the human body, a study has found. “We all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity, among other things. But what we found is a completely separate role of sunlight on immunity,” said Gerard Ahern, Associate Professor at the Georgetown University in…

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