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Uganda opens first investment window for tourism businesses to protect biodiversity and boost economy

Uganda yesterday launched the first investment window to seek to harness the financial muscle of the world’s leading hotel and lodge operators to raise vital funds to support and protect Uganda’s wildlife. The offering, which is being facilitated by the conservation charity Space for Giants and its partner the African Wildlife Foundationunder the Giants Club initiative, involves some of the most important wildernesses in the county. Uganda has Africa’s fastest growing elephant population but, with urgent development needs and limited budgets, the country lacks adequate financial resources to fully support its conservation requirements….

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Technology a blessing to tourism

Tourism! Some call it leisure, others call it business. It means different things to different people at different times. To many, traveling all over the world for business while you accidentally bump into unique destinations is Tourism. To a certain extent, this is true. However, tourism goes way beyond just travelling around. It encompasses travelling, visiting tourist destinations, learning diverse cultures and tradition as well as experiencing various lifestyles. Merely passing by a tourist site doesn’t make one a tourist. You actually have to stay in a place and spend…

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