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Indian Council of Medical Research Will Implement UN Standards On Clinical Trials

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) along with some of the leading healthcare bodies and other trusts has decided to adopt UN health agency’s recommendations to register and publicly disclose results of all clinical trials they fund or support. The participating bodies have all agreed to develop and implement policies within the next 12 months that require all trials they fund, co-fund, sponsor or support to be registered in a publicly-available registry. They also agreed that all results would be disclosed within specified timeframes on the registry or by…

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Girls Can Cut Poverty in Developing Economies: UN

Developing economies stand to win an extra $21 billion (19 billion euros) if they improve girls’ health and sex education, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said Thursday. Girls in developing countries are less likely than boys to complete schooling because of forced marriage, child labour and female genital mutilation, risking the opportunities presented by their largely young populations, said the study, launched in London. “Over the next 15 years alone, developing countries together stand to gain or forfeit at least $21 billion, depending on whether or not they invest…

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We ought to Tighten laws on Breast-Milk Substitutes: UN

regulation in opposition to the promoting of breast milk substitutes have to be significantly tightened if global efforts to encourage breast feeding are to prevail, a UN record has warned. it is widely diagnosed that breastfeeding incorporates large health blessings, however countries ‘fail to crack down on the marketing of substitutes approach far too many kids are nevertheless being reared on formula,’ said the arena health organisation, the UN children’s organization UNICEF and the worldwide baby food movement community (IBFAN). ‘There are nevertheless a ways too many locations wherein moms…

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