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Green tea variations, toxins harming kid’s development and 76% of world’s population ‘overfat’

This week was packed with some very shocking yet important health news. To ensure that you don’t miss any, we bring you a weekly roundup. 76% of world’s population obese About 5.5 billion people -up to 76% of the world’s population -are `over fat’, warn researchers. Are toxins silently harming our kid’s development? A child policy review study in US has reported that babies under two years of age are 10 times more vulnerable to chemicals than adults. Destress your 2017 with these 10 green tea variations Adding to your…

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Crunches Exercises: 5 Exciting Variations for Rock-Solid Abs

The other day I was thinking about why gyms are known as ‘fitness centers’ and not ‘slimming’ or ‘weight loss’ hubs. If you are aiming to lose weight, the goal should not be the achievement of a certain number in terms of kilograms or pounds. The battle is not in shedding but in maintaining yourself after all the hard work. The truth is that weight loss is temporary, you can always gain it back. One therefore needs to seek a more permanent approach towards fitness. Instead of thriving for a…

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Moto X (2016) variations Tipped With Modular accessories known as ‘Amps’

Leaks from in advance this week gave us a sneak peek into the approaching Motorola cellphone lineup, and now, another document is claiming clean new information about the following technology Moto X phone – from variants to specs, as well as information about modular attachments from the Lenovo-owned organisation. The preceding leak of the Moto X (2016) had shown us 16-pins on the rear panel. whilst speculation hinted that those may additionally in truth be speaker grilles, other than the apparent connector for a dock, mission Beat’s Evan Blass cites…

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