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How I Plan to Cover the World’s Most Exciting Travel Region as Skift’s New Asia Editor

It occurred to me that I might be in trouble. Because Asia is a huge continent to cover! It occupies a third of the world’s land area and its 4.5 billion person population is bigger than that of the other continents combined. Skift’s new Asia editor Raini Hamdi And then there’s me, located in a tiny red dot on the world map, Singapore, covering the whole of Asia for Skift. The continent I’m covering is also not a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to borrow Ang Lee’s film title. It is…

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The 3 most exciting developments in sports nutrition right now, according to scientists

IT SEEMS LIKE every day a study comes out touting the purported health perks of a new supplement or food or beverage. Gelatin can help you recover faster! Chili pepper supps could help solve the obesity epidemic!Apple peels and green tomatoes could help preserve muscle mass! And while there’s certainly some validity to these claims and probably hundreds more, there’s still a lot “more research needed,” per the scientists behind the studies. And while many of these things are worth trying in an “it can’t hurt” mentality, there are certain…

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Crunches Exercises: 5 Exciting Variations for Rock-Solid Abs

The other day I was thinking about why gyms are known as ‘fitness centers’ and not ‘slimming’ or ‘weight loss’ hubs. If you are aiming to lose weight, the goal should not be the achievement of a certain number in terms of kilograms or pounds. The battle is not in shedding but in maintaining yourself after all the hard work. The truth is that weight loss is temporary, you can always gain it back. One therefore needs to seek a more permanent approach towards fitness. Instead of thriving for a…

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