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Binge Watching TV May Reduce Your Sperm Count By 35 Percent: Dietary Tweaks To Manage Your Sperm Count

Dear men. Your habit of watching TV more than 5 hours a day could drastically bring down your sperm count by a whopping 35 percent according to a latest study. According to the study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.   The findings also revealed that Male TV addicts were found to have 38 percent lower sperm count than those who had a less sedentary lifestyle. TV addiction could be attributable to eating high-calorie junk food and laziness in their impact on the sperm count, said the researchers.  …

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Smartphones and TV Watching Can Put Kids at Diabetes Risk

Almost every child of this generation is guilty for spending too much time in front of screens such as TV, mobiles, tablets, etc. We are glued to the screens so often that it has ceased to be just another technology but one of the most significant elements in our lives. While we are all aware of its repercussions on our eyes and brain, our dependence is such that we cannot live without them. And our children are only taking after us. Endless apps, TV series, films, social media activities are…

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