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Importance of mold testing

People are always curious about the need for mold testing while purchasing a new house. Normally this service is not included in a standard home inspection, but it is significant to understand why this extra expense is worth every penny. Those people who discover signs of mold in their house are always concerned about the next steps, both about whether testing is required and how mold is removed if its presence is detected. Following are few scenarios in which getting a mold testing is important. Firstly, it is important to…

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World Iodine Deficiency Day: Understanding the Importance of Iodine

Minerals and vitamins are vital for a healthy life. They play a significant role in the physical and mental development of humans from conception itself. The main micronutrient deficiencies which are creating public health problems worldwide are iodine, iron, folic acid, vitamin A and zinc. What is Iodine? Iodine is an essential dietary mineral that is stored in the thyroid gland. It is essential for the production of thyroid hormones thyroxine (T3) and triiodothyronine (T4). Thyroid hormones affect all the cells in the human body, they are important for the…

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The importance of sleep

Life is extremely busy these days. Most of us are working full time, either in a job or parenting children, or both! The daily tasks and endless ‘to do lists’ can make it seem as if all our days merge together and the short, weekend breaks in between, seem, well, short. We are like fish coming up for air. We plough through the work and ‘get on with it’ – every single day. The work gets done, the kids get sorted, the housework gets done, the food gets prepared and…

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