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Water-based exercises will always remain a hot trend

Water-based exercises are not a new trend. But the fact is that these kind of exercises will always remain a hot fitness fad. And experts agree. Asif Shaikh, a fitness professional, says, “Water-based exercises are good for people who have knee and joint problems and slipped disc issues. Beginners also get a metabolic benefit.” Fitness professionals say that since these are low-impact exercises, they are easy on the joints and can be done by everyone. Victor D’Lima, a fitness professional, adds, “When you exercise in water, you don’t have any…

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Frequent Traveler? Expert Tips On How to Remain Fit On The Go

Neil Hill, the founder of a world class fitness training programmes Y3T, has literally no time for rest. He keeps an extremely busy schedule, which involves a lot of traveling. Those of you who relentlessly live through the horrors of incessant traveling – and spend more days commuting than resting – would actually realise its aftermath on health. Not only does it mess around with your sleep cycle but also alters the appetite and takes away the time to exercise and remain fit. As Neil Hill got in conversation with…

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‘iPhone Unlocking Manoeuvre Likely to Remain Secret’

The company that helped the FBI unlock a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone to get data has sole legal ownership of the method, making it highly unlikely the technique will be disclosed by the government to Apple or any other entity, Obama administration sources said this week. The White House has a procedure for reviewing technology security flaws and deciding which ones should be made public. But it is not set up to handle or reveal flaws that are discovered and owned by private companies, the sources said, raising questions about…

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