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Politics and medicine: Vaccine attitude rises and falls with ideology

Political views and a person’s trust in the government play a role in whether or not they get vaccinated, a study has found. A person’s ideology directly impacts who they trust, allowing the person to selectively credit information related to vaccine risks and benefits in ways that reflect their ideology, said researchers at the University of Idaho in the US. An individual with strong conservative political views is less likely to vaccinate than a person with strong liberal political views, according to the study, as is someone who holds lower…

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India Inc sees room for more rate cuts by RBI as inflation rises

India Inc said on Monday there is room for further rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India to boost investments from private sector and revive industrial growth, as wholesale inflation rose to 1.88% in July. “Given the trend and outlook for inflation, we see clear space for a more accommodative stance in the monetary policy. This is all the more important given the state of industrial sector where growth is anaemic. “Private sector investments continue to remain weak which is key concern for now. We look forward to a…

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As Population Rises, UP’s Healthcare System Collapses

In Uttar Pradesh, the number of public health centres (PHCs), the frontline of the government’s healthcare system, decreased 8 per cent over the last 15 years to 2015, a period when the state’s population increased by more than 25 per cent. Smaller sub-centres, the first point of public contact, increased by no more than 2 per cent over the 25 years to 2015, a period when the population grew by more than 51 per cent. These data, from the 2015 Rural Health Statistics (RHS), indicate how successive UP governments have…

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