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Top 8 radiation sources at your home

That tower, outside your home should concern you and rightly so. But did you ever stop to fret about theĀ radiationĀ from your cellphone or WiFi or Stabilizer or even from your electric shaver? As much as Internet and telecommunication have become the part of our modern lives, Cell towers have become a feature of city skylines. The profusion of cellular technology and cell towers have caused a concern on the health impact of radiation of humans. Even as cell phone towers are the most visible sources of radiation – there are…

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6 Excellent Sources of Vegetarian Protein for Your Daily Diet

I’m going to begin with a boring, but necessary, scientific survey that was published in the Indian Medical Gazette in April 2015. The study was conducted across seven Indian cities (Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Vijaywada) with 1,260 respondents, and took a look at protein consumption in our daily diet. The not-so-shocking conclusion was that almost 9 out of 10 consumers had a protein-deficient diet, regardless of gender or socio-economic status. Perhaps unsurprisingly, vegetarians had a higher protein deficit than non-vegetarians. Why Do We Need Protein? We all…

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Meat, fish, eggs, beans and non-dairy protein sources

Devour moderate quantities! Intention for as a minimum a hundred and forty g of cooked oily fish and 140 g of cooked white fish each week. For red and processed meats, devour no more than 70 g per day on average (round 500g according to week). Beans and pulses are inexpensive, excessive in fibre and decrease in fats than animal resources of protein and one component per day also can count number as certainly one of your 5-A-DAY! Meat and meat merchandise: Red meat, pork, lamb, sausages, deli meats inclusive…

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