Why You Should Book a Single Ticket to Your Favorite Holiday Destination


People often travel alone to find themselves, or to find more meaning to their life. There are listicles after listicle proclaiming the need to visit a far off or even a near off land just in your own sweet company. Not that we are denouncing those ideas, but travelling alone need not only be a dramatic process where something needs to be found or achieved. It can be a trip you take because you think you are awesome and absolutely chill a person.

We bring to you reasons why you should book that single ticket right this second.

1. Being at your impulsive best

You don’t have to wait for someone else’s free time, or even their financial reasoning! You can literally just up and leave. No coordination hassles, no last minute bickering about which flight / train / bus to take, or whose car to drive.

2. Be your own boss

You can actually include a day of just sleeping in your comfortable duvet in your itinerary! Considering you are the only one who has an opinion on how to plan your visit, you can take a break from the sightseeing and just order room service over room service and endlessly binge watch cheesy shows!

3. One-on-one with your books

Honestly, those books that you have been collecting over half a year thinking you’ll read them eventually are going to be your best friends on this trip. Plus who doesn’t want to live out a dreamy fantasy of looking incredible in a beret, sipping coffee, and reading a book while people around you gaze at you in amazement.

4. New people, new memories

This is tricky, because technically you are not really going to traverse alone. But a vacation romance is quick, fun, and something that has no reason for being dramatic. Even if you just meet someone who is totally platonic, it’s always good to meet a stranger from a new culture who you may little idea about! Imagine all the stories that can be exchanged.

5.  Honey, don’t worry about money

Visiting a beautiful foreign country can be expensive and even though you may keep a check on how you’ll go about your financial expenses, chances are your companion might either be too stingy or too extravagant because of which you may want to incur expenses that aren’t necessary. If you are by yourself you will choose what to spend as per your whims and fancies!

6. Be your own best friend

Not in the #foreveralone way, but it is true, not only does travelling alone brings out character attributes within you that will shock you but it also makes you rely on yourself, and believe in your intuition. It’s basically the vacation (and happy) version of you against the world. Only minus any negativity!

Have you ever gone on a solo trip, we’d like to hear all about it! Share the experience with us on @ndtvgoodtimes with #TalkAboutTravel.


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