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India replaces China as top retail destination in 2017: Study

India has replaced China as the numero uno retail destination in 2017 as part of the global retail development index, according to industry experts. “India has replaced China this year as the top retail destination as part of the study on global retail development index,” AT Kearney partner Subhendu Roy said on the concluding day of the two-day India Retail Forum 2017. The change in ranking was an outcome of four factors including increased consumer spending, beyond essentials, rising mobile and internet penetration, favourable foreign investment climate and bold action…

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Why You Should Book a Single Ticket to Your Favorite Holiday Destination

  People often travel alone to find themselves, or to find more meaning to their life. There are listicles after listicle proclaiming the need to visit a far off or even a near off land just in your own sweet company. Not that we are denouncing those ideas, but travelling alone need not only be a dramatic process where something needs to be found or achieved. It can be a trip you take because you think you are awesome and absolutely chill a person. We bring to you reasons why…

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