The Godfather Burger With 12 Layers of Meat and Cheese is Trending in Mumbai

The Godfather Burger With 12 Layers of Meat and Cheese is Trending in Mumbai

When even before giving out the contents of the dish, your menu cautions you that ‘This is Big’, you know you aren’t in for regular fare. The Godfather Burger at Howra in Lower Parel in Mumbai is anything but the norm. Made with three meat patties, caramelized onions, three layers of cheese, three layers of crumb fried onion rings and three types of sauces, this 12-layered wonder is 7-inches tall and is a feast on its own. Enormously greasy and gigantically wholesome, The Godfather Burger, that is available with both lamb or chicken patties, is the stuff right out of your most indulgent dreams. Ready to gorge, are we?

The burger has created quite a stir among all Mumbaikars, bringing the Lower Parel outlet in the list of one of the most sought after joints in town. Apparently, the creators of the mammoth delight were inspired by the Television show, Man Versus Food, and wanted to offer a giant signature delicacy which challenges and pleases the customers in equal parts.


The burger stacks together three crispy fried meat patties, three layers of cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, spicy cocktail sausage and mustard topped with caramelized onions, three layers of crumb fried onion rings and a fried egg. Phew! The burger is held together with a skewer and is served with a portion of French Fries. Howra sells this deadly burger which is probably enough to feed three people at rupees 510.


Vegetarians needn’t loose heart because their other hot selling item is the ‘Big Daddy Burger’ which comes with an option of two paneer or chicken patties stacked together with double cheese and lettuce and is doused in mayonnaise, mustard sauce, their special in-house BBQ sauce and a spicy cocktail sauce. Other popular picks at the restaurant are the BBQ wings, the Crispy Bird, Deep Fried Oreos and the Fish and Chips Burger.

Now, that’s what we call a real feast. Have a look at how people on Twitter are reacting to this giant delight.

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