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The Godfather Burger With 12 Layers of Meat and Cheese is Trending in Mumbai

When even before giving out the contents of the dish, your menu cautions you that ‘This is Big’, you know you aren’t in for regular fare. The Godfather Burger at Howra in Lower Parel in Mumbai is anything but the norm. Made with three meat patties, caramelized onions, three layers of cheese, three layers of crumb fried onion rings and three types of sauces, this 12-layered wonder is 7-inches tall and is a feast on its own. Enormously greasy and gigantically wholesome, The Godfather Burger, that is available with both lamb or chicken patties, is the stuff right…

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Who needs meat? The veggie burger gets a gourmet makeover

Anna Jones’ ‘really hungry burger’ Diana Henry, james beard award winner 28 OCTOBER 2016 • 6:00AM It’s midday in Manhattan and I am walking, fast, to a hot date with… a veggie burger. And I’m not a vegetarian. The veggie burger, once a crime against good eating, has come of age. It’s no longer just mushed-up grains and beans – a kind of nut roast in patty form – but is being given serious attention by top chefs. The burger I have in my sights was created by Brooks Headley,…

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