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Are you at risk? Absence of this gene can give men a deadly cancer

A study has recently revealed that men who lack a certain gene subtype may be more susceptible to treatment-resistant prostate cancer. Researchers from Cleveland Clinic confirmed for the first time a mechanistic link between the gene HSD17B4 and deadly, aggressive prostate cancer. The team built upon their earlier seminal work in which they discovered that a gene called HSD3B1, when altered, enables prostate tumors to evade treatment and proliferate. They went on to show that the presence of this gene variant does in fact change treatment outcomes and overall survival…

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Parental Absence May Lead to Early Smoking, Drinking

  Parental absence in early childhood as a result of death or relationship break-up is linked to an increased risk of children starting to smoke and to drink alcohol even before they reach teenage years, says a study. “Associations between parental absence and early smoking and alcohol consumption may operate through a range of mechanisms, such as reduced parental supervision,self-medication, and adoption of less healthy coping mechanisms,” the researchers said. The researchers from University College London drew on data from the UK Millennium Cohort Study, which has been tracking the…

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