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10 Rose Water Benefits: From Antioxidants to Anti-Aging

We know rose water’s great for skin and hair but why it’s good and how exactly must you use it, is key! Here are 10 amazing skincare and hair care uses of rose water you’ll thank us for. Wondering why rose water has found a place in every Indian household? It’s simple. Rose water is undoubtedly beauty’s magic potion, and remarkably versatile. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose water can be added to your beauty regime . That’s what makes it a beauty secret or rather a secret weapon…

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6 Anti-Aging Foods That Could Keep You Young and Beautiful

We’ve all grown up listening to the following phrases almost every day of our lives – “age is just a number”, “age doesn’t determine your capabilities”, etc. While it is true that age is limited to being just a number, age does not conceal its arrival when it dawns upon someone. It is easily visible unless the person might have resorted to alternatives such as plastic surgery to conceal signs of ageing of skin and hair. Growing old is often accompanied with wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes or darkened skin. However,…

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