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Boondi: The Rajasthani Drop-sized Gram Flour Balls Perfect for Both Sweet and Savoury Delicacies

Come Tuesday and our hearts can’t stop craving for the sweet boondis and boondi ke laddoo, especially the ones given as part of temple offerings. Said to have originated in Rajasthan, boondis are deep fried chickpea or gram flour droplets (boondi in Hindi means droplet), sweetened with syrup, and are an essential part of several auspicious occasions in many parts of northern India. Chef Sadaf Hussain, contestant of MasterChef India 2016 says, “The origin  can be traced to cities of Rajasthan where the locals used fried chickpea flour, and added sugar, to make it…

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Protein can cut progression of both inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer: Study

A new study finds that altering the shape of a protein can significantly reduce the progression of inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. According to researchers, modifying the shape of IRAK-M, a protein that controls inflammation, can significantly reduce the clinical progression of both diseases in pre-clinical animal models. The findings appeared in the eBioMedicine journal. “When we tested mice with the altered IRAK-M protein, they had less inflammation overall and remarkably less cancer,” said Coy Allen from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. The next step, he said, will…

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5 Causes of Hair Loss in Both Men and Women

Hair fall is a household problem, literally. And I am sure that everybody who suffers from it will agree. If I have to list down the number of people who have hair loss issues, it’s quite extensive. I suffer from it too. Every time I wash my hair there’s so much hair fall that it’s alarming and yet there’s nothing that I seem to be able to do about it. I have tried to watch my diet, follow various beauty remedies, change hair products, and every other piece of advice…

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