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Travel tips: 12 of the biggest myths in travel, busted

The French, rude? Don’t believe the hype. Photo: Alamy I’m not sure how these things start. Maybe someone writes a newspaper story, or a blog post, or just tells a few tales to their friends, and these things gain a life of their own, they become perceived wisdom, they morph from story into fact. You just know them, now, to be true: you should pack light when you travel; you should fly to your destination; you should dress smart to get an upgrade; you should shop at duty free; you should…

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Myth busted! Bad weather conditions are not the reason behind your joint ache

The common belief that weather impacts your joints directly may not be true. So you may want to rethink the next time you’re about to blame the rain or cold when your arthritis starts playing up. According to a recent study, bad weather making your joints ache is a myth. The research found that weather conditions in 45 US cities are indeed associated with Google searches about joint pain. But it might not be the association you’d expect. As temperatures rose within the study’s focus span of 23 degrees to 86…

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