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Carbohydrates and Diet: How Much Do You Really Need in a Day?

It is mind-boggling to understand how our bodily processes are so intricately entwined and need careful planning of our daily diet to achieve a state of good health and wellness. In my opinion, most of the weight related issues are the outcome of a bad dietary pattern or a lifestyle that is too sluggish to be able to maintain a┬áhealthy body. You are what you eat, this has been repeated over and over again and that is exactly why we need to understand the role of various food groups in…

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World Diabetes Day 2016: Understanding the Glycaemic Index of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates present in food have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels. Every time you eat, carbohydrates are broken down to glucose molecules which pass into the blood stream from where they enter the cells and are used as fuel for different body functions. The excess glucose is converted into fat in some cells and stored for later use. Insulin, a hormone produced by our pancreas, is the key that opens the cell doors to allow glucose to enter. People who have diabetes are either completely missing this key…

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