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Father’s day: 5 investment options for fathers to secure their children’s future

Archit Gupta The batch of 2018 of the IIM-Ahmedabad, India’s bluest of the blue business school, will shell out close to Rs. 20 lakh as tuition fees. This shows a steady rise in cost of education. Gold, which is considered as one of the safest and most liquid investments and inevitable in Indian weddings, too underwent a drastic price hike. In the year 2000, the price per gram was around Rs. 440 per gram. Currently, it stands at around Rs. 3000 per gram. However, you can beat inflation – by…

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As GOP Tarries On Health Bill, Funding For Children’s Health Languishes

The federal CHIP program funds health care for almost 9 million children. Terry Vine/Blend Images/Getty Images Back in January, Republicans boasted they would deliver a “repeal and replace” bill for the Affordable Care Act to President Donald Trump’s desk by the end of the month. In the interim, that bravado has faded as their efforts stalled and they found out how complicated undoing a major law can be. With summer just around the corner, and most of official Washington swept up in scandals surrounding Trump, the health overhaul delays are…

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Many children’s heart health not up to standards

Many children’s heart health not up to standards (Getty Images) Babies are generally born with healthy hearts that should be cared for during childhood to ensure good health later in life, according to the American Heart Association. Yet many U.S. children don’t meet seven basic standards of good heart health, the AHA says in a statement in the journal Circulation. The standards include having a healthy weight in relation to height (body mass index, or BMI), getting enough physical activity, not smoking, following a healthy diet and maintaining healthy cholesterol,…

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