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6 Foods That Contain More Calcium Than a Glass of Milk

When we talk about your daily¬†dose of calcium, what comes to your mind? A tall glass of milk, perhaps? But what if we told you that there are a whole lot of other healthy foods that contain copious amounts of calcium even more than a¬†glass of milk? So, if you have been unwillingly chugging a glass of milk every day to get your calcium dose, you can try turning to these foods instead. You won’t be disappointed. A regular glass of milk (250 ml) contains roughly about 300 mg of…

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Your car may contain harmful pollutants: Study

If you thought driving a car on a heavily polluted road may be safe, think twice. According to a new study, car cabins contain extremly high levels of some harmful particulate matter, twice the amount previously thought. The findings showed the pollution inside the cars contained twice the amount of chemicals that cause oxidative stress, thought to be involved in the development of many diseases including respiratory and heart disease, cancer and some types of neuro-degenerative diseases. “We found that people are likely getting a double whammy of exposure in…

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