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Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Come in the Way of Your IIT Dream

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar It’s true that staying positive under heaps of pressure is quite a difficult task. The burden of qualifying any competitive examination like IIT-JEEcan make it tough for the aspirants to sleep, eat and relax.Moreover, the lack of sleep makes it all-the-more worst by hampering the grades. Here are fivesurprising ways that will help you have a positive mind and a positive approach towards the preparation for IIT. The following strategies would surely keep your thoughtsin…

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10 Dream Destinations in India to Say ‘I Do’

  Weddings are an excuse for revelry when it concerns guests, a lot of fun, a lot of debauchery at times but mostly creating memories that are quite well documented too. The fun quadruples when the festivities take place at an exotic location. We bring to you 11 such dream destinations which you can’t resist going to. 1. Rajasthan: Rather than going city by city, we are including the entire state. Because let’s face it- every other corner has a palatial, beautiful fort ready to host a royal wedding. Of…

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