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Men’s Health: 6 Causes of Fatigue and How to Prevent Them

Are you at work, facing issues finishing off the tasks at hand because you feel tired? Have you ever wondered, “Why am I so drained?” We have a habit of blaming our fatigue on our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. And most of the time, we are right. In fact, feeling exhausted is so common in people these days that it has its own acronym, called TATT, which stands for “tired all the time.” You can fix this by making a few changes in your lifestyle, such as getting more sleep,…

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chronic fatigue can also spark off you to suppress feelings

people tormented by persistent fatigue have a tendency to be extra annoying, distressed and are also much more likely to suppress those emotions than folks who do now not have this condition, says a examine. similarly, when below pressure , persistent fatigue syndrome sufferers display extra activation of the organic ” fight or flight” mechanism , which may additionally upload to their fatigue, the have a look at stated. “sufferers with persistent fatigue syndrome regularly tell us that pressure worsens their symptoms, however this study demonstrates a possible organic mechanism…

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