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Drones, tractor hacks and robotic sprayers: the technology of farming

Farming may not be the first industry that comes to mind when we think of technological advancement, but that’s changing — fast. Agricultural giant John Deere, for instance, just spent $305 million to buy a robotics company. The farm machine manufacturer has been around for almost two centuries, but it too has felt the need to keep up with changing trends and tools, says Deanna Kovar, a marketing director for John Deere. Its acquisition, Blue River Technology, is a startup that makes agricultural robots capable of identifying weeds and other unwanted plants, and dosing them with high-precision sprays of herbicide. The…

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Opinion: Technology is a huge threat to humankind; this means you, Silicon Valley

Technology, which has made our lives incomparably better, is now one of the greatest threats facing humankind.All of the marvelous gadgets we’ve invented are not only thoroughly reinventing us, but they are doing it in ways that give us no idea of their full impacts. In short, we are undergoing a transformation/revolution that affects every aspect of our being — our brains, bodies, institutions, the entire world.It’s nothing less than The Revolution of Everything. For instance, MIT engineers have recently developed naturally conductive gold leaf that can be placed directly…

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