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How to Increase Your IQ: 8 Fun Brain Exercises to Try Everyday

Now, who doesn’t like to be brainy or called an Einstein? We all aspire to be the intelligent one, who can answer all the tricky questions at the snap of the fingers while the others gaze and wonder. The brain is a miraculous organ with incredible capabilities, and good intelligence can take you a long way towards your road to success. So how can you work on it? In the early 1900s, a German Psychologist called William Stern coined the term “IQ”, which means Intelligence Quotient, and it referred to…

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Stop Cooking in Aluminium Pots: It Can Harm Your Child’s IQ

Want your kid to perform well at school? Ensure cooking meals in non-aluminium vessels. A recent report published in Total Environment’s journal studies the ill-effects of consuming meals cooked in aluminium vessels on kids. According to the study, when food gets in contact with aluminium, harmful agents find their way inside the body. This can harm children’s mental health as well as their Intelligence Quotient. Traces of cadmium and lead, when consumed through food, can damage kidney, harm brain and may lead to various cardiovascular and mental ailments besides other…

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