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Diet changes and nutrition can make a big difference to diabetes management

According to the study conducted by the researchers from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the weight, blood sugars, and cholesterol levels of diabetics can be reduced by educating them about vital nutrients. Researchers conducted classes and taught the patients about different diets with less meat and less fat and cholesterol. “Doctors can turn their waiting rooms into classrooms. It’s simple and very effective. Patients learn about healthy food changes, and can share tips, swap recipe ideas, and work through challenges together,” stated author Neal Barnard. Earlier, some studies stated that…

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JNU to offer engineering and management courses, UGC nod pending

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) proposes to offer engineering and management courses, an initiative the University Grants Commission is said to be considering. If approved, the university will take students for these subjects from 2018. The New Delhi-based premier institution, established in 1969, is known for its arts and humanities subjects. JNU wants to expand its programme to engineering and management, for which officials submitted a proposal and made a presentation to the country’s university regulator, UGC. The government-run university can’t start new courses without the UGC’s clearance as these…

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India Urged to Take Better Initiatives at Stroke Management

A global meet of experts on neuro sciences — which saw over 500 participants — on Monday called upon the Indian government to increase initiatives for more awareness on brain strokes. According to them, the necessity for better awareness was more among women as in certain parts of the country women are five times more prone to stroke incidences than men. “This is attributable to the poor socio-economic status and literacy rates among women. The average age of patients with stroke in developing countries (India) is 15 years younger than…

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