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More people prefer popping pills and drinking healthy tea over exercise to treat high BP

According to a recent study, people would rather pop a pill or sip tea than exercise to treat high blood pressure. Researchers wanted to find out how people weigh the benefits of high blood pressure treatment options against its inconvenience. They asked survey respondents to imagine that they had high blood pressure and then asked about their willingness to adopt any of four “treatments” to gain an extra month, year or five years of life. In this survey, the “treatments” proposed were: a daily cup of tea, exercise, pills or…

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How to Stay Strong at 90: Stop Popping Multiple Pills

A common question in everyone’s mind is how to live long and stay strong. We all know that if there’s something that money can’t buy that’s life. When an illness strikes, most of resort to medicines to treat the issue at hand. Some people also start becoming dependent on certain medicines on a regular basis out of constant fear. Sure, medicines can bring you relief but you also need to start looking at the risks of side effects. That’s something you shouldn’t ignore. Probably that’s why Ayurveda is seeked out…

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Watch Out: Popping Balloons Could Be As High Powered As a Shotgun

One of the fondest childhood memories for most of us would be bursting balloons towards the end of a birthday party. Something about the act brought immense joy as we would pull down the strings, place the balloons on the floor and jump on them. As grownups, we now of course have a different perception. We finally know how annoying a habit it is, plus all that deafening noise! As much fun as it may be, popping balloons could have some setbacks too. According to a study done by University…

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