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How to do Pranayam: Yoga Breathing Exercises You Must Include in Your Routine

Those who follow yoga may have heard of the practice of pranayam. The word is derived from ‘Prana‘ which stands for ‘life force’ and ‘Ayama‘ which means ‘to lengthen or to work on it’. Prana, in yogic terms, means the force within the body that is vital for the functioning of the body as well as its vitality. Yogic texts describe Prana as a potent force that runs through various chakras and nadis in the body to keep the body healthy, energized and invigorated. Breathingplays an extremely crucial role in the regulation and maintenance of Prana. It is believed that…

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Kapalbhati Pranayam: a way to Do It, Steps and advantages

“Yoga isn’t always simply repetition of few postures – it’s miles more about the exploration and discovery of the diffused energies of lifestyles.” – Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An included life StyleThese “diffused energies” may be felt simply by sitting in silence, amid lush inexperienced bushes, focusing on the middle of your forehead together with your eyes closed. i’m a big fan of yoga, a first-rate believer and propagator of its efficacy. there is no higher manner to unite the trinity of frame, mind and soul as practising yoga….

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