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5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera to Rejuvenate Your Skin and Hair

I have always found the aloe vera plant to be highly underrated. Everyone can and should have it in their homes. This humble cactus can be grown anywhere, and has strong survival instincts too. You can grow it in a garden, in a pot, on the terrace or any open area. In Sanskrit, it is known as ‘Kumari’, meaning a young virgin girl, and I think it’s apt because it imparts a youthful energy and boosts femininity. It is in my eyes one of the most valuable plants that nature…

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Weekend Detox Plan by An Expert: Rejuvenate and Reboot

Binging, binging, binging…all in the name of Diwali. Card parties, family get-togethers, office get-together, you name it. Overfed, over tired and the body screaming for a break! That is my state today, so this weekend, I am going to ‘detox’,  relaxing my digestive system, resting my brain and relieving my skin of all the indulgences of the past month. This is also the time when autumn is fading into winter, so breaking away from the usual helps the body get ready for the next season. Detox Menu: Start your morning…

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Sip away on a powerful beau-tea treatment to rejuvenate your skin!

  Living in a concrete jungle always takes a toll on our skin. And to add to the agony, here come the monsoon rains. What one needs right now is to let your nail beds and skin get soaked at a tea party instead. It’s time to let your skin drink up the benefits of White Tea – the champagne of the tea world. It has antioxidant properties that drastically reduce tanning and nourish your skin. The Lakme Salon has brewed the perfect ritual for you – indulge in a…

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