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Compound Exercises: The quickest way to get into shape this year

Are you too busy for a workout? If your answer is affirmative, then you definitely need to find out about ‘smart’ exercises. Exercising too hard and for too long is passe. Fitness professional Nawaz Modi Singhania says, “There have been times when my day has ended at 2 or 3 am, and I haven’t managed to get a workout in. But I still do a quick compound workout in just eight or 10 minutes.” There are days when you know you have to look fit the next morning and cannot…

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Genes, birthplace shape up our gut microbes

Your genes and place of birthcan have a major effect on the formation of the microbial community in the gut — which plays an important role in keeping one healthy, a research has showed. The study proved that gut microbiome plays a leading role in the body’s immune response. Thus, controlling the microbes in the gut could influence the immune system and disease vulnerability. The findings showed the early life environment is very important for the formation of an individual’s microbiome. The moderate shifts in diet, as we age, also…

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Amy Jackson Gets in Shape Following Angelina Jolie’s Diet Regime

Being one of the most sought-after female stars in India does not come easy, they have to work hard to maintain and keep up with their appearance as well as talent in the competitive industry. Actress Amy Jackson, orginally from Britain, teaches us a thing or two about hard work and gives us major body goals as she shares her secret to staying fit and getting her body ready for her movie roles. While preparing for her next movie with legendary actor Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson has decided to adopt Angelina Jolie’s diet plan to get fit. The ‘Ekk…

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