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How To Weather Any Business Storm

Shutterstock How can you weather the ups and downs of your company? When things are going well, we often forget the low points. But as with anything in life, there are times of success and times of strife. So how do you keep a team level-headed when it comes to the rollercoaster world of business? Dr. Dave Hopson is a retired recon Marine and earned his PhD while studying under the great Peter Drucker. Currently, he’s the managing partner at Triumphus, which offers managing IT consulting services from startup to…

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The Whole30 Diet: Just a Fad Diet Taking the Internet by Storm or Something Substantial?

One of the TED videos that I recently watched was beyond inspiring. Not only did it pierce through a frequenting thought in my mind, it also brought forth an idea that was so simple to understand yet not executed by many. Why do we fail at some task? Why do we make a start only to lose motivation and eventually give up? Why most of our resolutions are carried forward to the next year? Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, simplified it all in a mere four-minute speech. He said…

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