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Is Gluten Free Diet Real or a Fad?

The first month of the year brings my thoughts to the fact that so many people think being “gluten free” is a choice and we are doing it to be in vogue. The reality is that living a gluten free life isn’t easy, just like with any other lifestyle disease that can be tough. The challenges are never ending. Just the other day my son got a rash, which is a sign of gluten allergy. I was surprised. How could it be? What could have caused it? My kitchen is…

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‘Young blood’ latest age-fighting fad

Jesse Karmazin, a 32-year-old Princeton graduate and competitive rower who has an MD but no licence to practise medicine, claims he can reverse ageing with transfusions of a young person’s plasma. He is now launching a clinical trial on the potential of “young blood” through his startup Ambrosia. Karmazin claims most participants see improvements within a month of getting the $8,000 one-time infusion of a two litre bagful of plasma, which is blood with the blood cells removed. But many scientists and clinicians say Karmazin’s trial is so poorly designed…

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The Whole30 Diet: Just a Fad Diet Taking the Internet by Storm or Something Substantial?

One of the TED videos that I recently watched was beyond inspiring. Not only did it pierce through a frequenting thought in my mind, it also brought forth an idea that was so simple to understand yet not executed by many. Why do we fail at some task? Why do we make a start only to lose motivation and eventually give up? Why most of our resolutions are carried forward to the next year? Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, simplified it all in a mere four-minute speech. He said…

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