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Eating healthy can be a struggle. Here are 5 ways to make it easier

Most of us have struggled to stick to a diet plan or a health goal. But seeing it through is worth it. You sleep better, your skin glows, and you feel fantastic! So, here’s how to make sure you choose nutrition-packed meals over fast food. Well, most of the times anyway. Understand your motivation Every time you’re feeling down about having to diet, consider why you chose to do it in the first place. Is it to lose weight, is it to become fitter, is it to overcome a health…

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Alcoholism is a National Problem that Localities Struggle to Address

A cohesive set of national policies is needed, one that recognizes not only that alcoholism is a disease but also that medical solutions alone will not solve social problems. Across the country, some local solutions are being tried. Housing First, an assistance approach that tries to provide homeless people with permanent housing quickly and gives them supportive services as needed, holds significant promise because it recognizes that the social situation is the real emergency. Housing First would house a person like Mr. P – whose story is told in the…

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