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Why Meal Timings Are As Important As The Food You Take

A balanced and nutritious diet in combination of exercise or light physical activity is surely the key to healthy life. But come to think of it, is that  all it takes to be perfectly healthy? Think again. There is a factor as important, that you may have been ruling out unknowingly. We’re talking about meal timings. Remember how in school you had a fixed lunch breakand each day the bell would ring at the same time? Turns out that this is the kind of discipline your body asks for, (in addition to good…

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Ramadan school timings announced by Ministry of Education

DUBAI // Public school days in Dubai and the Northern Emirates will be shortened to five hours during Ramadan, the Ministry of Education announced on Monday. Classes will last 40 minutes each with girls schools beginning at 9am and ending with the seventh period at 2.15pm. Boys schools will operate from 8am until 1.15pm, reported Aletihad, the Arabic-language sister newspaper of The National. Daily morning assembly will be cancelled during the holy month, but the first five minutes of the first period will be dedicated to the national anthem. All…

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