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Cardiac trauma: Turning ‘specialists’ to save lives

In 2008, a tailor suffered an injury to his heart when his wife hit him with a scissor. The 34-year-old was rushed to AIIMS Trauma Centre where no cardiac surgeons were available at that time, so a general surgeon attempted to repair the heart and succeeded. Since then, general surgeons at the trauma centre have succeeded in saving more than 20 lives -they repaired the hearts of patients who had suffered blunt injuries in road accidents or as a result of a fall from a height. “I have performed heart…

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Turning Back the Clock 1 Hour Takes a Serious Toll on Your Mental Health

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Daylight saving time should be a permanent, year-round phenomenon. Rather than turning back our clocks this weekend to extend our pre-election suffering by yet another hour, we should simply leave the hour hand where it is and pledge to never fiddle with it again. The social and public health benefits would be enormous. The fall transition to standard time is linked to an increase in crime that costs the country billions of dollars annually. Transitions into and out of daylight saving…

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Are you turning your baby right into a fussy eater?

moms complaining about their kids’ terrible eating conduct is a commonplace sight. speak approximately fussy eaters and all the moms within the world will unite. ‘He does not consume veggies.’ ‘She hates daal.’ ‘He hates milk.’ ‘She can not stand the sight of fish.’ And the list is infinite. but right here is a few respite: research have verified that it’s miles ordinary for children to be extraordinary choosy about what they devour in the age organization of two – 6 years. Having stated that, this is also the age…

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