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The Discredited Value of Humility in Education

As we await the reign of artificial intelligence, is it too late to refine the idea we have of purely human intelligence? The Daily Devil’s Dictionary explains. According to the British Psychology Society, various studies prove that “intellectual humility correlates with superior general knowledge.” These findings may surprise or even disappoint quite a few people, such as the experts routinely invited by the media to explain complex problems, journalists on American news stations (Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, to cite only those three), mainstream politicians and a fair number of bloggers….

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Shah Rukh Khan’s brand value slips by 43%; Virat Kohli India’s No.1 celebrity endorser

Virat Kohli, captain of Indian Cricket Team, is the Indian celebrity with highest brand valuation at $170.9 million, says a recent report by Duff & Phelps. After Kohli, the celebrity with the second highest brand valuation in the country is Deepika Padukone, the report says, at $102.5 million. However, Shah Rukh Khan, who was second in 2017, has slipped to number five and is valued at $60.7 million. The report –The Bold, The Beautiful and The Brilliant– lists out top 20 Indian celebrities with highest brand valuations and reveals that…

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Want to invest in ‘value’ stocks like Buffett? Look at these funds

Value investing is a strategy to spot stocks trading below their intrinsic values. The domestic equity market is going through a rough patch this year amid subdued macroeconomic triggers. Rising crude oil prices, slower-than-expected earnings growth, trade war concerns and a falling rupee have dragged midcaps and smallcaps down by up to 15 per cent so far in 2018. Voices are still echoing in the market that the risk-reward ratio in second-rung stocks is still not in favour of investors despite the recent correction. New investors who have entered the market in…

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