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The Many Benefits of Rye That Make it Healthier Than Wheat and Barley

Rye is a grass that is closely associated with wheatand barley and yet is superior to the two. It is an extremely versatile grain. Also known as secale cereal, rye is a grain from Russia, and was dominantly grown there, but now is available all across the world. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is intriguing to observe that such a tiny seed could be loaded with so many benefits. Importantly, it is full of the good carbohydrates that can make you feel fuller than wheat or barley and promote…

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6 Incredible Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

Among the extensive range of beneficial oils available in the stores, a member to join the limelight in the recent years is wheat germ oil. Wheat is no stranger in the Indian household. While the refined variant – maida – is shunned upon by many, whole wheat flour is lovingly used to make a range of Indian breads like stuffed parathas, fluffy rotis, baturas and the like. Experts have always said that the nutritional contents of wheat are mostly enclosed in the germ of the grain. The more the grains…

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