Travel and free sex, Miss Travel app is controversial app that helps people see the world for free

Some may call it prostitution, but Miss Travel app likes to call it dating. The app, which is also available as a service on a website, is getting popular because it apparently allows people to travel the world for “free”. Free if you discount the possibility — or rather certainty — of sex. Miss Travel apparently allows rich people — likely to be mostly men — to sponsor trips of other people, in return for companionship and — again not said so explicitly but implied — sex.

The dating app promotes itself as a “leading online dating site” but is basically a way to get free trips in lieu of free sex. Brandon Wayde, the creator of this app, also has another website called, a dating site where members bid for dates in an online auction environment. He is an MIT graduate and has hosted several “Sugar Daddy events” to promote his websites in past.

Coming back to MissTravel, the dating website seems like a surrogate site for escort services. Members of MissTravel are mostly older men who are looking for young girls as travel mate and who have the money to sponsor their travel trips. It’s just that the girls — or for that matter guys — who accompany the person sponsoring them aren’t paid in cash. Instead they have to travel to all the cool destinations with the person and share the hotel rooms.

The website was launched in 2012 and Wayde claims that MissTravel has over 615,470 members using the platform. The registration for the website is free of cost and female members enjoy a privilege over male members of making free calls to members on the site. Male members need to take premium membership to contact other female members or what it like to call as “MissTravellers.” Users should be 18 or above and must upload their photos during the registration to complete the process.

There are three types of trips: one in which user can meet up with travel partner and travel together, one in which a user can request the other user to meet at his or her location and the last in which user can travel to the other user at his or her profile location. Then there are also three types of payments: “I’ll pay for you”, “Pay for me” and “50/50”.

Of course, it’s a free world and people are free to make their own choices but looking for partners with an app like MissTravel involves a lot of risks. The site has been criticised on numerous grounds like it has mostly married members. The website also says that escorts are not allowed to use the app but then in a way it is an escort service masquerading as a dating site.


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