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Travel and free sex, Miss Travel app is controversial app that helps people see the world for free

Some may call it prostitution, but Miss Travel app likes to call it dating. The app, which is also available as a service on a website, is getting popular because it apparently allows people to travel the world for “free”. Free if you discount the possibility — or rather certainty — of sex. Miss Travel apparently allows rich people — likely to be mostly men — to sponsor trips of other people, in return for companionship and — again not said so explicitly but implied — sex. The dating app…

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A Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole So Good You Won’t Miss the Marshmallows

Photo: Beth Lipton There’s nothing wrong with indulging a bit during the holidays. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies—there are so many treats to savor. But we’ve never fully understood the sweet potato casserole thing. Sweet potatoes on their own are, well, sweet. Why the need for sticky marshmallows, or tons of added sugar? Plus, it makes the pumpkin pie feel a little redundant. (And we love pumpkin pie.) So we set out to create a sweet potato casserole that’s satisfying and luscious, but with healthier ingredients and a bit more balance. This one…

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