Winter is coming! Here’s how to cope with it

Winter is coming! Here’s how to cope with it
It is that time of the year when a lot of people are suffering from a runny nose, fever, dry skin and itchy scalp. This is because of the sudden change in the weather. Here are a few tips to combat the weather blues…
l Drink lots of water so your body is hydrated. Make sure you also have warm water regularly.
l Switch to a healthier diet and include a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

l Keep some warmer clothes handy.
l Use a moisturiser regularly. Apply the cream before heading out and apply it once again before hitting the bed.
l As for your hair, apply conditioner each time you wash your hair. At the same time, also make sure you dry your hair properly to avoid catching a cold.
l Don’t have a hair bath in the evening.
l Use a pair of socks in the night so your feet don’t become dry.
l Keep a lip balm and cream always handy.
l The city tends to become a little dusty during this time of the year. So always use a face mask to cover your nose.


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