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7 drinks you need to stop buying now

1. Fruit juice Despite what the packaging may tell you, this does NOT provide an easy and convenient way to get in one or two of your 5-a-day. Most shop-bought fruit juices are pasteurised (essentially boiled), which destroys a lot of the valuable nutrients, whilst concentrating the sugars. The juice is also extracted from the whole fruit, leaving behind the fibrous part of the fruit that helps to slow sugar absorption into the blood. 2. Fizzy drinks This is an obvious one, but did you know that just one can…

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Some Aspects to Consider While Buying Mother’s Day Gifts

Lifelong she has been the dynamic force to put the things right and unmatched inspiration for you. She is never demanding, always caring, and crossing the bounds to make your life happy and secure. She takes all possible burden on her shoulders to give you comfort in every way. Truly, the Mother’s Day is one special day of the year, when children can at least try to give some joyful moments out of the sense of gratitude and thankfulness. If you are planning to buy gifts for your mom on…

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Types of Dandruff: Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Anti-Dandruff Product

Hush yourself and look away from that swanky black shirt or your stunning little black dress as dandruff can get ruthless. The little white flakes can wreak havoc, putting you in an embarrassing situation in a social gathering. And besides depriving you of an exciting wardrobe, dandruff can cause itchy scalp, making it hard for you to manage on a day-to-day basis.Dandruff is often attributed to poor hygiene and/or improper diet. In most cases it results from the flaking of scalp triggered due to dryness. Dietary nourishment as well as…

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