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Dark chocolates are your best friends, they reduce stress, improve memory

If you’ve been binging on chocolates, no need to stop now. For long, multiple studies have confirmed beyond doubt that the dark variety of chocolates are among the superfoods you must include in your daily diet. Whether you are trying to lose weight or want to stay fit, make chocolates your best friend. Now, according to a new study, they have bigger health benefits: Eating dark chocolates can cut down on your stress levels, make you happier, and improve your memory and immunity. It is the first time the effect of…

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Harmful Food Additives: Chocolates and Chewing Gums May Harm Your Intestines

No matter a kid or an adult, who doesn’t like candies? A quick sugar dose to lighten the mood, they come in so many options. But regardless of that, these chocolates, caramel sweets, flavoured gum and sour bombs have been rotting our teeth for a while now. While we are aware of their harmful side effects, it seems tough to give them up yet. Despite the enormous sugar content, there is another risk attached with munching candies and chewing gums. Along with tooth decay, chocolates and chewing gums may harm…

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Eating dark chocolates may improve your heart health

Eating dark chocolates may improve your heart health Now you need not be guilty of indulging in dark chocolates, as compounds found in cocoa may be good for your heart, a study has found. The findings showed that consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa products was associated with improvements in specific circulating biomarkers of cardiometabolic health. “We found that cocoa flavanol intake may reduce dyslipidemia (elevated triglycerides), insulin resistance and systemic inflammation, which are all major subclinical risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases,” said Simin Liu, Professor at Brown University in Rhode Islands,…

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