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Men, take note: A sedentary lifestyle may lead you to binge on high-fat food

A study has recently found that males with a sedentary lifestyle preferred a high-fat diet over other diets. The results showed that sedentary male rats preferred the high-fat diet over the other diets. “Our team wanted to make every effort to study female perspectives on how exercise affects diet, because most other studies neglect females,” said a study author Jenna Lee from University of Missouri-Columbia. “We wanted to take a look at what drives diet preference and if environmental factors, such as physical activity, play a role in how males and females eat,”…

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High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy May Impact Baby’s Gut, Immune System

Women consuming high-fat diet during pregnancy may increase the risk of affecting bacteria living in her baby’s gut thus impacting proper development of the immune system, says a study. The results showed that expecting mothers’ diets can lead to distinct changes in their babies’ microbiome, which could affect energy extraction from food as well as early immunity development. “Diet is very amenable to change and women are highly motivated to make healthy changes during pregnancy. Traditionally, dietary interventions during pregnancy have focused on micronutrients, such as iron and folic acid,”…

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