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Here’s How Pregnancy Changes Your Brain to Make You a Better Mom

Thinking about having a baby, but worried you’re not cut out for motherhood? You may take some comfort in this news: Pregnancy causes changes in a woman’s brain that appear to make her better able to care for her child, say researchers in Spain. Their new study is the first to show that giving birth involves long-lasting changes—for at least two years afterward—in the structure of a woman’s brain. It’s long been known that pregnancy causes hormonal and chemical surges throughout the body, but until now its impact on the…

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Oklahoma mom says she was shamed for using handicap spot while carrying disabled son

An Oklahoma mother who claims she was shamed for using a handicapped parking spot while shopping with her disabled son has taken to social media to address what the alleged writer didn’t see. Colleen Scarlett-Stice explained that her 4-year-old son Rowan uses a wheelchair to get around, but that they had left it at home after he had an accident. “While I can almost appreciate your wanting to stand up for disabled people everywhere by ‘doing something’ about a person parking in a handicapped parking spot, please find another way…

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Depressed dad and mom Can turn kids Into Troublemakers: observe

Are you tormented by despair? If yes, then your teenage child can be vulnerable to better chance-taking and rule-breaking behaviour that may lead them to rebellious and disobedient, says a look at. in line with researchers, parental depression contributes to greater brain interest in areas related to hazard taking in adolescent kids, main to more rule-breaking behaviours.”this is the first evidence to expose that parental melancholy affects children’s behaviour via the trade inside the adolescent’s mind,” stated lead examine author Yang Qu from university Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.There are a…

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