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Box Drive Will Let You ‘Stream’ Files From the Cloud to Your PC

While Google is planning to expand the backup service offered by its Drive desktop app, another cloud service, Box, has now launched its own Box Drive desktop app. As you might expect, the desktop app, available for Windows and macOS, essentially allows users to get access to their cloud files locally from their computers. The Box Drive desktop app is already available and can be downloaded from the company’s official website. Importantly, users will be able to download the files from the cloud service on demand through Box Drive app…

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EA Wants to Win PC Gamers Back, but Its Actions Say Otherwise

Electronic Arts is on a “journey to regain the trust of the PC gamer.” At least that’s what Peter O’Reilly, EA Senior Marketing Director for Origin, said in a recent interview. “Over the last couple of years we have focused on ensuring a great play experience from launch and bringing players a better experience on Origin with programs like the Great Game Guarantee, On the House, and now Origin Access,” O’Reilly told video game trade publication MCV. “We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, but are always pushing ourselves to…

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