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Newly found mechanism could lead to preventing allergic reactions

Scientists have found a new mechanism in which an antibody can prevent allergic reactions in a broad range of patients. The breakthrough could pave the way for a far more effective allergy medicine. The antibody interacts in a complex biochemical process in the human body by which it prevents the human allergy antibody (IgE) from attaching to cells, thus keeping all allergic symptoms from occurring. “We can now describe the interaction of this antibody with its target and the conformational changes very accurately,” said Edzard Spillner, from the Aarhus University…

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Why Your Water Intake is Essential in Preventing Urinary Diseases

As much as we love winters, the cold season brings along with it a few spoilers. What top the list are dryness and dehydration. They are almost inescapable. You need to constantly remind yourself to hydrate and smear yourself with moisturisers to keep your skin supple. The cold wind doesn’t help even a single bit to keep the energy levels high, as the only thought that runs in your mind is to snuggle in some heated corner and warm up. You have to make the extra effort to take care…

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Is a gelatin supplement the key to preventing injury and enhancing recovery?

THERE ARE STRANGE-SOUNDING supps (Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed, for instance) that boost your penis and overall sex life, even supp stacks to further your muscle gains. Now, there’s new research from the University of California, Davis that suggests you could be safeguarding your body from injury by something pretty mundane: a gelatin supplement. If you only know about gelatin in the sense of eating jello, here’s a quick primer: Gelatin is actually an animal byproduct; it’s made by boiling down the bones, connective tissues, and tendons of animals (yum!), per research…

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