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Using the internet to self medicate could damage your health

When Purva Mehta started depending on painkillers to ease her chronic backache regularly, she didn’t realise that it could lead to long-term kidney damage. Similarly, when Rakesh Chhabria decided to treat his daughter’s viral fever using over-the-counter medication suggested by a random health website, he was unaware that it could cause further complications for his child. Purva and Rakesh are not alone. A recent study estimated that an increasing number of people (in India and around the globe) have no qualms about self-diagnosing and depending on the internet to answer…

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shop your self From warmth Stroke as Mercury goes Up

because the mercury stages bounce in north India, being out in the sweltering warmth can result in warmness stroke which may be extraordinarily dangerous, even fatal, says an professional. warmth stroke is triggered due to prolonged publicity to better temperatures (above forty levels Celcius) or physical exertion. It normally takes place in aggregate with dehydration.”If left untreated, warmth stroke can affect crucial organs and might prove fatal in extreme instances,” said Dr Raman Abhi, additional director (inner remedy) at Fortis Memorial studies Institute in the capital.Dr. Simran Saini, Nutritionist at…

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maintain your self Busy to boost intellectual fitness

when you locate your self sitting idly at domestic its very critical to move around performing some family chores that is better than now not doing whatever because it mentally maintains you wholesome and happy. each person can start putting to coaching methods to preserve our thoughts busy and live energetic. when you have a interest, something which you love doing like collecting stamps, reading books, inquisitive about fashion or meals, pursue it, begin writing a blog, be a part of a e-book club or simply do something you like….

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