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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle this Healthy Awareness Month

Picture: iStock The road to positive change in your health doesn’t have to come with expensive gym memberships and unreal expectations. February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness month, a month dedicated to highlighting the importance of healthy living through good nutrition and regular exercise. Being healthy is not just about eating enough fruit and vegetables, it’s also about relaxing and spending quality time with your loved ones as this contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle and well-being. The key to embarking on a healthy lifestyle is to start small. Making a…

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Include these food in your diet to maintain a healthy thyroid

  With the number of thyroid disorder cases on the rise, it is most necessary to change your lifestyle. Giving attention to diet and exercise helps maintain and regulate your thyroid function. Choose the right food for the same. IODINE Seafood (clams, shrimp, haddock, oysters, salmon, sardines), as well as iodized sea salt, eggs, asparagus, lima beans, mushrooms, spinach, sesame seeds, summer squash, garlic. SELENIUM Brazil nuts, mushrooms, tuna, organ meats, halibut, beef, soybeans, sunflower seeds. ZINC Fresh oysters, sardines, beef, lamb, turkey, soybeans, split peas, whole grains, walnuts, ginger…

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maintain your self Busy to boost intellectual fitness

when you locate your self sitting idly at domestic its very critical to move around performing some family chores that is better than now not doing whatever because it mentally maintains you wholesome and happy. each person can start putting to coaching methods to preserve our thoughts busy and live energetic. when you have a interest, something which you love doing like collecting stamps, reading books, inquisitive about fashion or meals, pursue it, begin writing a blog, be a part of a e-book club or simply do something you like….

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